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Collecting articles for a magazine can seem really daunting when faced with 44 blank pages to fill, but the ideas start to come, the diary begins to fill up with features to attend, and the magazine is off and running. Our photographer and I headed up to Skye and caught a rare day of sunshine when we got there. (We had gone through four seasons every hour on the way up, though)

However, it was worth the five-hour drive, as Skye didn't disappoint with its rugged terrain and hardy inhabitants. Speaking to Yasmin, from Island on the Edge, who has rebuilt her crofting life on the island after a horrific fire, shows that it takes more than a major set back to get island folk down.

The hail was belting off the window one minute, and the next moment the room filled with sunshine - they just work around it. It's a way of life rather than a job for Skye's crofters and they impressed immensely with their passion for what they do, no matter the weather.

We even managed to get to the Skye Museum of Island Life, which sits on a stunning spot overlooking the Minch. But, being wimpy mainland southerners, the biting cold saw us off after not too long. We will be wiser and pack our thermal vests next time!

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