An Edinburgh business that specialises in matching musicians to the right instrument has increased sales by 400% after developing its website to offer an online shop.

Founded in 2015 by professional musicians Tim and Helen Wright, Tim Wright Fine Violins is an independent violin dealership selling violins, violas, cellos and bows.

The couple decided to adapt the business during lockdown which had presented challenges for customers who were unable to trial their instruments in person, a fundamental process when it comes to purchasing an instrument.

Working closely with Business Gateway, Helen conducted a strategic review of the business and accessed specialist digital support through DigitalBoost, the national digital upskilling programme. This helped her to develop the firm’s website into an online shop, enabling clients to “get to know” instruments before playing them for a trial period.

Tim Wright Fine Violins also accessed regular one-to-one support from a dedicated business adviser, as part of Business Gateway’s Growth Service, as well as advice on marketing practices.

This has let to significant growth for the business, enabling Tim and Helen to expanded their overall market reach to new clients across Scotland beyond the Edinburgh market, with customers also coming from the USA, Japan, Africa, and across Europe.

Tim said: “We were already thinking about ways to grow the business. When the pandemic hit, this became more important, so we approached Business Gateway for advice about how we could find ways to raise the profile of our service and share our expertise and knowledge of our products virtually.

“Thanks to the support from our DigitalBoost consultant, our website has grown into a digital shopfront, which has not only seen us through the pandemic but also allowed us to grow and reach the global marketplace for fine string instruments.

“Our business was based around our love of violins as opposed to any more formal business planning, and we needed support to learn how to make decisions for business growth. We had reached a point where success felt intimidating, but we now feel as though we have a secure, manageable plan for our growth.”,