Heroes Drinks, established 10 years ago as a non-profit organisation, has added a new spirit – Two Guineas Spiced Rum – to its award-winning drinks portfolio, joining flagship product brand Heroes Vodka.

Two years in the making, the spirit is described as a “small batch, distilled, authentic, premium Caribbean rum” with £3 from every bottle sold split equally between UK independent lifeboat housed to support the heroes of the sea, alongside the UK’s hospitality benevolent fund.

Marking its tenth anniversary in August, Heroes Drinks, headed by ex-serviceman Chris Gillan, has made regular donations, with over £40,000 donated to military charities including The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund, The Royal Navy & Marines Charity, and ABF, the Soldiers Charity.

It has also funded over £87,000 in employment and work placement opportunities, and supported charity events with raffle and auction prizes, helping to raise an additional £17,000 for charity.

“Developed in response to demand for a premium rum, which is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, we have put two years of love and attention into this product, as any spirit bearing the Heroes Drinks name must be a high quality for our loyal customers,” said Gillan.

“Two Guineas Spiced Rum will support the heroes of the sea, as befits a spirit traditionally enjoyed by those on the ocean wave.”

Two Guineas Spiced Rum costs £34.50.