East Lothian firm Buck & Birch has launched its second batch of Birch Wild Botanical Spirit, following on from a successful debut in 2021.

Described as a “a distinctive, pioneering botanical spirit offering a wild alternative to your favourite gin or vodka”, Birch’s ingredients are sourced near the distillery in Tranent. Alchemists marry pure spirit with raw birch sap and season with wild birch flavours to create a” smooth yet complex” botanical spirit.

Creative director and co-founder Tom Chisolm said: “Ten years in the making, there has always been lively discussion at Buck & Birch about producing a spirit strength drink, but we were never in any rush – finding the right one was the most important thing.

“The birch tree has always been integral to our business – it’s even in our name – so we knew we wanted to create something in its honour, and harnessing all its character was key.”

Birch can be chilled in the freezer and served neat, or poured over ice and topped with light tonic or soda, garnished with rosemary or a slice of citrus to accentuate the herbal notes.